So you've roleplayed as a Mage, a vampire, a pirate, and a space cadet... why not John McClain?

Cineplex is a one-shot roleplaying game where you play the heroes of an action movie. It's a fast and furious roleplaying game that encapsulates everything you love about block buster movies.

Game Type
1 - 5 hrs
Release Date


One person will assume the director role, or traditionally know as the game-master. The director will guide the flow of the movie; such as what scene is currently happening and who's in it.

The other players will create characters in the movie using a Character Creation App on their phone. This means character creation only takes about ten minutes. More time for fun!

Depending on the choices the player makes in the App, the player will be assigned a number of cubes in different skills. These cubes will be placed in a bag and will be used for skill checks. No Dice! When a character needs to perform a check they will pull cubes out of their bag. Depending on the skill check, if they pull out a certain color then they have passed. Easy as that.

Cineplex will be TableTapp's flagship product, meaning there will be plenty of updates to follow. Stay tuned!