Squabble is a team based word-guessing game. All you need to play is an app on your phone. During the game you will be split into two teams, red and blue. The fun part is that you will not know who you're teammates are, the app will only know who is on your team.

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The game is split into six rounds, after every two rounds scores for each team will be displayed, hinting who might be on your team. In a round everyone will have a turn to be the clue giver. In the first two rounds you will only have Good words. You will choose a player and have them try to guess the word on the screen. If they guess it correctly you and the guesser both get points, if not then no points are awarded.

After the second round, the game gets mean. You'll be displayed the scores, so you might have an idea of who is on which team. In rounds 3-6 you will have a choice of two words, a Bad and a Good word. You'll once again choose a player to try to guess a word, but this time if you choose the Bad word and they guess it correctly then they will get negative points, and you will receive positive points.

But there is also another clever action the guesser can take if they sense you trying to feed them a bad word. Each set of Good and Bad words are in some form an opposite of each other. If they guess the word you're not going for then you will receive negative points and they will receive positive points.

After six rounds the team with the most points win!

More in depth rules are to come. Keep an eye out for this game soon!